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Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork marketing image has totally improved thanks to those guys! Furthermore Optimized Local Search Services has been taking care of my SEO for only a month now and I can already see movements/activity/interest around my Internet presence. Serious business people with a big heart that we can trust! Thank you.

Thank you Optimized Local Search for your help fixing our linking issue for Hebron Football Booster Club. We appreciate how much you go out of your way to help others!

No doubt having you build my website was the best money I have ever spent!

Amazing. I wrote the book “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Boy Scouts: The Story of Troop 826.” I then developed a web-site in order to draw attention to the book. After having no success for five months, a high school classmate and her husband told me about Paul Dumas and how he had put their refinishing business on the cyber-map. I met with Paul, and in just over an hour he described in detail three ways for me to draw attention to my product on the web. It was like looking into a microscope and seeing another world, and how to access it. With his knowledge of Search Services, Paul has given me hope; with his guidance we developed a discussion group which grew to fifty members in three days, and as a result drew attention to my book. Thank you Paul ! I promise to do my best to do my duty to help other people at all times by letting them know about your services.

After getting the 1 Handsome Hat website up and running myself I thought that was all I needed to do. However, after sitting down with Paul and listening to him explain the search engine process I knew I needed some BIG help. Paul was able to get 1 Handsome Hat on the front pages of several local search engines. The product that I sell is not in huge demand like insurance or auto repair so it was a lot easier to get near the top locally. After 1 week 1 Handsome Hat received a "cold call" from a local customer in search of a particular hat. I am positive that with the info Paul has provided to me I will be able to get more local sales. Paul knows his business and if you get him what he needs he will get it done for you. I can't wait until I get a "brick/mortar" location so we can really generate sales.

I wanted to let you know how much I value the service that your company, Optimized Local Search, has provided to CareerWon. You made it easy to gain a higher level of visibility in the local communities that we serve. Within two weeks of using your service, we had a 50%+ increase in prospective clients inquiring about our programs. The increase in clients who have found us and taken advantage of our career counseling services has offset the reasonable fee for Local Search multiple times over. As we expand to other communities, we will definitely use your service again to get noticed.

Since we put the new site on-line I would say that 80% of my orders have come from the site. You did a great job. Thanks

Paul did a great job designing our website. We highly recommend this company for your website needs. Thanks.

Excellent service. Paul successfully analyzed and repaired our Google map issue within minutes. He was professional and attentive. Thank you for the timely response! I highly recommend his services.‎

Last spring, I contacted Paul to help me get more traffic to our website. He was very helpful and we were up and running in no time. As a result of his hard work, he helped us pick up 900 new customers in 2010. We are a local service company so we were very happy with these results. I have contacted Paul again to verify we are still where we need to be. Thanks.....

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