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The Anatomy of a City-Specific Landing Page

Client:  We're based in Lewisville and our site ranks great for our Lewisville keywords.  Flower Mound is only two miles away.  Why don't we rank there as well? Over simplified answer:  Because despite the sophistication of Google, the search engine is, at its fundamental level, a literal machine.  In fact, we'd argue that Google is [...]

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Optimizing WordPress for Small Business: City-Specific Landing Pages

For small business clients trying to expand beyond the city limits for their business, we'll often implement a landing page strategy whereby we create essentially city-specific "home" pages designed to target a specific keyword-city combo.  This video explains the process in detail. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqijw3YlEaI

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5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Local Business using the Internet

In 2009, over 67% of consumers searching for local products and services used the Internet. - Source: SearchEngineWatch.com In June 2010, Google, Yahoo! And Bing accounted for 95.88% of all Internet searches. - Source: Hitwise.com What’s the point? Internet marketing is critical to any local business. Here are the five things every local business should [...]

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Affordable Marketing Alternative to Small Businesses

Paul Dumas summarized the appeal for the services: “The typical small business owner has neither the time nor inclination to properly take advantage of the local search venues available to them.” Optimized Local Search Services create comprehensive business profiles on top local search destinations where customers are already seeking information.  The Optimized Local Search Services [...]

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The FABs of Optimized Local Search Services

Advantages The Optimized Local Search Service works regardless of whether you have a company website or not. The local search destinations spend in excess of $50 million a year to ensure that their sites are featured prominently in organic search results – AND that customers use their services to find local businesses just like you. [...]

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